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If you and ankle boots are in the long section. Then you can choose with a skirt or dress just to be overshadowed buttocks, which can lengthen the body proportions, the above rule does not apply when you wear trousers.
If rounded toe and ankle boots, thick legs look shorter, if you are not born with high instep feet wide, then do not try to round, select the tip and ankle boots. Tip design, make your leg line extending longitudinally to build tall, thin body shape from the visual! Especially nude color pointed high-heeled ankle boots, is simply an artifact of street shooting, perfect stretch ratio, and leg color blend, downwardly extending legs remarkable temperament is obvious choice. To the first leg of that law was to wear your costume color close and ankle boots, if the light leg, then wear a nude color. This approach is ultimately blur the boundaries shoes and legs, as the same color in the visual will be extended leg. Definitely not wearing a black narrow pants and then with a pair of light-colored ankle boots, not only life and the legs cut into two parts, but also gives the top-heavy feeling wedding dresses online.