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The Lounge 12/1/12 (Full Audio) ft. @NextByRaphael @ChellzIsWinning @RummiKhan @chiggady


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Featured Topics:

1) Rolemodels: Do blacks/others expect more of a return investment from the “succesful”? Is it fair to hold those individuals to the “role model” standard?

2) Dealbreakers: What are the things you absolutely will NOT deal with in a relationship?

3) Marriage: Is marriage a viable plan? Is it possible for the us to love 1 individual for better or worse…. forever?

4) What are the things in your, or a potential partners past, that would deem you or them unfit or unworthy for a relationship?

5) With the president being re-elected, is there something you hope the President will do? What does the secession threat say about the US? How does the racism/media affect the worlds view?6) with great freedom comes great responsibility: With all the freedoms we are allowed, is there some degree of self-responsibility we should have in using them?