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New Video:: Jay-Z “Where I’m From” Documentary

If you and ankle boots are in the long section. Then you can choose with a skirt or dress just to be overshadowed buttocks, which can lengthen the body proportions, the above rule does not apply when you wear trousers. If rounded toe and ankle boots, thick legs look shorter, if you are not born […]

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New Video:: JAY-Z in BROOKLYN – Dead Presidents/Can I Live

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Jay-Z LIVE from Brooklyn (Full Concert) + Jay takes the train to the concert

customized fat loss program Above is the Full Concert at the Barclay Center Below, Jay-Z takes the train to his show. Jay-Z spoke about this trip on an interview with Juan Epstein awhile  back. He spoke about how he was envious of Ty Ty and friends, because they could take the train to his show at […]

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