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LeRockBox Radio presents… The Lounge 4/1/12 ft. @chiggady @NextByRaphael @PrideNJoy504 @kdotbeenhot @rummikhan

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Above is the complete Re-Broadcast of 4/1 ‘s The Lounge some of the topics covered:

  • Hunger Games- Is it racism or something else?
  • Addiction: Amy Winehouse death vs. Whitney Houston
  • Love/Hate: Reality shows- The Kardashians etc
  • Pt. 1 Obama: Is he doing a good job?
  •  Pt. 2 Republican Candidates: Thoughts
  •  Take It From Him
  •           10 problems women have aka “She’s Awesome BUT…”
  •           What makes a woman “bad”?
  •  Take It From Her
  •           Do women know what they want in a man?
  •           Are people still attracted to Black women?
  • What cast are your friends most like?