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Kanye West “Get Well Soon”* Mixtape Exclusive Unreleased Tracks circa 2001


So back in 2001 a homey of mine, Fumi stop through my crib one winter break when I was home from school and dropped off a CD of exclusive tracks from some guy by the name of Kanye West. All I knew of him at this time was that produced one of my favorite Jay-Z tracks “This Can’t Be Life” and that he had a slowly growing single by the name of “Through The Wire” that he wrote just after his nearly fatal car accident, hence the name “Get Well Soon”. Here’s the thing though a lot of these tracks are not on the “actually” Get Well Soon mixtape. At the time I didn’t know what to call it so I coupled it with the mixtape that I already had from him and called it get well soon. So, I guess you can call this joint “EXCLUSIVE TRACKS FOR:: KANYE WEST’S GET WELL SOON MIXTAPE“. Long but to the point. Most if not all of the tracks have never been released. Enjoy


Don’t Want (Just The Way) 3:39

Don’t Want to Know 2:58

Drop By 4:01

FreeStyle 2:23

Gangsta (Make It Hot) 3:43

Get Out 1:25

Playa Playa (FreeStyle) 2:47

Family Business 4:05

Hey Mama 4:24

I Got a Girl 3:25

My Way 3:25

Self Conscious 3:54

Through The Wire 4:03

Windy 2:53

Wow! 2:49