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The Odd Future complete Mixtape collection

A year ago, when nobody knew who they were, the demonic L.A. skate-rat rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All cranked out music at an alarming rate. And now that nobody will shut up about them, they’re still doing the same thing. Since 2008, Odd Future have released no fewer than 12 full-length […]

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Kanye West “Get Well Soon”* Mixtape Exclusive Unreleased Tracks circa 2001

DOWNLOAD:: KANYE WEST GET WELL SOON* MIXTAPE So back in 2001 a homey of mine, Fumi stop through my crib one winter break when I was home from school and dropped off a CD of exclusive tracks from some guy by the name of Kanye West. All I knew of him at this time was […]

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