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The Lounge Season 3 Episode 1 (Full Audio) ft. @NextByRaphael @chiggady @KevKlassix @AllegraDolores @dmjbasic @BGRZB @AvriBijon



Download Here are some of the topics that we covered:

1) Trayvon Martin: How did you feel about the verdict? What did you think about the criticism of Rachel Jentel (spelling)? What do you think of George Zimmermand and the state of race in America?

2) What about Trayvon being portrayed as a “menace/thug” vs miley or justin beiber just “exploring their character range” or “having fun”?

3) What are your thoughts on artists that have made it cool to disguise laziness in their work for “the next hot IT thing”? (Ie Kanye & crew or Miley Cyrus' “ratchet” persona)

  • Purposeful to show the follower mentality: “I could stand here in a speedo and look like a fucking hero…”

4) Does the arrogance in artist/fighters/athletes attract you as fans or repel you?

5) Me Me Me Generation (time article: http://aflv.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=9oRpYJDnhCw%3D ) what's the difference between the last couple of generations (baby boom, x)

6) Is Social Media the “New” resume/portfolio?

7) Is Cuffin Season real? How do we know it exists? How to tell you're only in a “temporary/convenient” relationship.

  • Should a female in a new relationship situation question their partner “where is this all going?” Or should she go along with the flow?
  • When to have the “where is this going conversation. How to start the conversation.
  • At what point should you leave the old dip behind? What keeps a person going back to something that’s already been left before?
  • Forms of marriage. Is the traditional form of marriage dying? What's acceptable and unacceptable in today's relationships.
  • Traditional v justice of the peace. What's the purpose?