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Kanye & Rhymefest’s Alligator Boots

Footage from Kanye West’s comedy puppet show has found its way online. Named Alligator Boots, the show never made it past the pilot stage. Director Konee Rok has now complied a ten minute long video of all the pilot’s best bits and behind the scenes interviews including a romantic serenade dedicated to Kim Kardashian dressed as Princess Leia. Yeezy worked with fellow Chicago emcee Rhymefest on the show which was made for Comedy Central back in 2008. With shooting at the Jim Henson Company studios in Los Angeles in 2008, the show had a similar concept as The Muppets and every week was to mix puppets interacting with ‘celebrities’ with Kim Kardashian being the first guest. I have to tell you when I first started looking at the video I thought “Oh God” but by the end I found myself enjoying it. Check it out and you be the judge.