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Exclusive: On The Up-N-Up

Heavy Rotation

Pugslee Atomz, Mick Luter, Sam I Am

Time and time again I here you should support local and up-n-coming artists. I hear it so much that it sounds like a broken record, well here it is I’m showin’ some love to up-n-coming artist. But on the real these three tracks are in heavy rotation on my iPod, I guarantee you will love them. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Pugslee Atomz – Tear in My Eyes
(This a song that takes you back to
good old days ‘the 90s’ lol, and the
way that hip-hop use to be)

Mick Luter – The Science
(This song lyrically great and
about staying head strong)

Sam I Am – The Cliff
(This song is a story
about falling in love)

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