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New Music from Kanye West ft. Lil Wanye

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New Music from Talib Kweli ft. Justin Timberlake

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New Music…

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Common Thanks The Fans!

Crack Kills…Lauryn Hill in Brooklyn

THIS IS WHY IT’S HOT!!! vol. 2

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Now granted, I am a little partial to this woman and her impeccable sense of style; there is no denying that this look works!! Genevieve Jones has a way of putting together an outfit like no other. This week she donned a blue Marc Jacobs jumper complimented by a black loose fitting tank and lame tie. The contrast between the texture of the jumper, tank and tie is the key to why this outfit is such a stand out. The Prada heels alone could hold an outfit, but Jones seems to use the various shades in the shoe to add further, although subtle, texture to an already amazing ensemble. In opposition of the entire look, Jones fashioned a blunt cut with blunt bangs, bone straight,; as though she instinctively knew that textured hair would push the outfit too far. A simple chainlink purse and small earrings complete the look.

New Music from Common ‘Brake My Heart’

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DOWNLOAD:: Brake My Heart by Common
Enjoy the track but buy this man’s album when it COMES OUT on the 29th, support good music. In my heart pound for pound this is the best MC ever. He delievers every time even with Electric Circus he DELIEVERED!!! Go back to all the old albums and proven me wrong!

New Music from D’Angelo ‘Your Love Is So Good’

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The Making Of Cassie’s ‘Sometimes’

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Above is a video of Ryan Leslie producing the Cassie track ‘Sometimes’. This Man is a genius, I love the energy that he has in this video. Check it out and if you didn’t download the Cassie Track before, theres alink for it below.
DOWNLOAD:: Sometimes by Cassie

This Past Wednesday at The SOB in NYC ‘Pespi Presents..’

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Above is a video of Queen Latifah performing U.N.I.T.Y. wednesday at DJ Envy’s Pespi DJ Battle

Q-Tip performing Award Tour

Mos Def I’m A Hustler Freestyle

Kanye Performing Can’t Nobody Tell Me